We use the latest cutting edge technologies and trends to build our web applications...

All our sites are built using the latest web technologies and coding techniques. HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP are just a few of the coding languages we dabble in. As well as being up to date, all our sites are built to to be responsive, which means your website will scale down to look great across all browsers and devices.

99% of our websites are built into a content management system called WordPress. WordPress is an open source platform which allows our designers and developers to build upon and create custom functionallty which may not be achievable when building in other platforms. It’s really easy to use from a business’ management point of view, you can build upon it as your business grows – add pages, products and blog posts.

After the brand discovery and design process is complete ( gather client requirements, wireframe and final design ) the project is passed over to the development team to start the build. Projects usually range from anything from 4-8 weeks depending on the size of the project. Once the project is complete and signed off we meet up ( or come to you ) and give you a walkthrough of the CMS and how to add and edit pages, products and posts.