We pride ourselves on designing visually pleasing and practical designs…

A websites design can’t just look good, it needs to work well too. Our experienced in-house team will bring creative, technical and strategic skills to every project we undertake. No matter what the size and scope that project is, planning and creative direction is always the starting point. All projects are first carefully planned with detailed high level wire framing and a clear understanding of our clients objectives and business goals. We firmly believe that the creative brief and creative execution is a fundamental part of any businesses success.

Following on from the creative process we start work on the project, ensuring all aspects of the design and vision meet the technical aspects that have been discussed. All aspects of the designs are utilised to ensure they are compatible with modern devices (smartphones and tablets), enabling users to get a far better experience whilst browsing your site.

As a client you will be able to review and approve every step of the process, ensuring the design ticks all the boxes along the way.

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Responsive as standard

The days of desktop only sites are dead! Nowadays if you don’t have a mobile optimised website you’ll be struggling to get anywhere near page 1 on Google. A responsive website is a website that will scale down to look good and function across all devices – wether thats a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. In some cases even for the apple watch!

Like mentioned above, if you don’t have a mobile optimised website Google will punish your ranking factor so having a website that looks great and works across all devices is a must.


We use the latest tech, trends and methods…

All our sites are built using the latest web technologies and coding techniques. HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP are just a few of the coding languages we dabble in. As well as being up to date, all our sites are built to to be responsive, which means your website will scale down to look great across all browsers and devices.

Most of our websites are built into a content management system called WordPress. WordPress is an open source platform which allow our developers to build upon and create custom functionallty which may not be achievable when building in other platforms. It’s really easy to use from a business’ management point of view, you can build upon it as your business grows – add pages, products and blog posts.

Projects usually range from anything from 2 weeks upwards depending on the size of the project. Once the project is complete and signed off we meet up ( or come to you ) and give you a demo of the content management system explaining how to add and edit pages, products and posts.


Bespoke development & integrations

We don’t use ‘off the shelf templates‘, we design and build everything from the ground up making sure you have a unique website. Having a similar website to your competitor is like turning up at a party in the same shirt as another guy…nobody wants that!

We’ve had hands-on experience with a number of intergrations and APIs from plugging social media feeds into your site to pulling in products and updates from advanced data feeds.

If you have any specific requirements about adding bespoke functionallity, APIs or integrating a third party software into your website then please get in touch.


Included as standard

  • Bespoke design tailored to your brand and business.
    ( 94% of users will trust or reject a website based on it design and how easy it is to use )
  • Your site will be tablet and mobile friendly.
    ( Your website will scale down to look awesome on tablets, smartphones and all the latest browsers )
  • Enhanced analytics.
    ( Keeping track of what doing well and what’s not is key. So we’ll add a Google Analytics widget into the dashboard of your CMS )
  • Flexible and easy to use Content Management System ( CMS ).
    ( Making it as easy as possible to update and maintain your content after launch is vital for any growing business )
  • Social media integration.
    ( We can integrate your social media feeds into your site, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram )
  • Walk-through documentation & online support.
    ( We’ll provide you with walk-through documentation for the CMS as well as being at the other end of the phone and email for support )

Get in touch

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