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A professional and engaging website is essential for any restaurant that wants to generate more leads, increase sales and thrive in the competitive food sector.

At Flocreative we’ve been developing websites for restaurants over the past 8 years, helping them to achieve a successful online presence.

All our websites are bespoke, meaning you won’t look like your competitor down the road. As a successful restaurant you need to stand out and represent your own brand. Most restaraunt websites consist of the following sections:

  • Homepage – a more graphical page consisting of great imagery or video of the restaurant / people eating. Easy to use navigation and simple CTAs.
  • About / History – an overview of your restaurants history or of the food you provide.
  • Menus – Theres a lot of ways you can display your menus to users, PDFs that open in a new tab are the most common ways. You can also put them across in a more interactive way displaying them on the page and having images of the food popup when you hover.
  • Bookings -depending on what booking system you currently use we can integrate this into your webiste or if your current system doesn’t suppport that we can suggest one that does.
  • Contact – a simple to use contact form so users can engage and ask questions etc.

Our experienced designers and developers will make sure you get the best from our services and fully understand what can be done to best represent your restaurant.

As your chosen creative partner, you can rest assured that we’ll be 100% transparent from concept to completion. We always aim to finish a project as long term strategic partners, not just one-time service providers.

Included as standard

  • Bespoke design tailored to your brand and business.
    ( 94% of users will trust or reject a website based on it design and how easy it is to use )
  • Your site will be tablet and mobile friendly.
    ( Your website will scale down to look awesome on tablets, smartphones and all the latest browsers )
  • Enhanced analytics.
    ( Keeping track of what doing well and what’s not is key. So we’ll add a Google Analytics widget into the dashboard of your CMS )
  • Flexible and easy to use Content Management System ( CMS ).
    ( Making it as easy as possible to update and maintain your content after launch is vital for any growing business )
  • Social media integration.
    ( We can integrate your social media feeds into your site, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram )
  • Walk-through documentation & online support.
    ( We’ll provide you with walk-through documentation for the CMS as well as being at the other end of the phone and email for support )

Below is a collection of great website designs and branding ideas.

If you have any questions about moving forward with a project or would like more information about our services then please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page. You can also view our latest projects here.

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